I’m Michael Gu, Creator of Boxmining

I started Boxmining in 2017 mainly as a passion project, to educate people on digital assets and share my experiences. Being based in Asia, I also found a huge discrepancy between digital asset trends and knowledge gap in the West and China. So I leveraged my knowledge and positioning to bridge that information gap and let people know what is truly happening.

This journey has been nothing short of exhilarating for me, starting from when I mined Bitcoin in grad school to appearing on China’s national television as an overseas expert on blockchain technology, and having the honour of interviewing leading crypto entrepreneurs, including Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao and FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried.


Boxmining the leading provider of insights and resources on digital assets, decentralised finance and blockchain technology. We are dedicated to obsessively identifying and profiling the latest trends in digital assets, as well as providing educational resources from complete beginners to seasoned enthusiasts. As an independent news source, we rely on a network of talented contributors to provide the latest breaking news and insights. 

Originally starting off on YouTube, the Boxmining platform has gone through a huge expansion and today covers several social media outlets such as this website, Twitter and Telegram.

Boxmining YouTube

Boxmining YouTube is what started it all, now with over 247,000 subscribers. It started off as a passion project, with me chatting every day about various news and technological developments in the blockchain space. Today, I provide insights, guides and is a one-stop resource the latest happenings in the blockchain and digital asset space.

I go live every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 3:00am (UTC). During these livestreams we recap what is happening in the market and discuss key topics of interest in the digital asset and blockchain space. The livestreams are also a great opportunity for me to interact with the community and answer any questions they may have. Wednesdays are our special show “Crypto with friends” where I also invite other seasoned crypto traders and experts to discuss their views on this space and their secrets to success in crypto.

I also post educational guides and explainers on how to get involved in the digital asset space, as well as some helpful tools for navigating this space. I also provide detailed looks at particular projects or trending topics.

Boxmining website

Boxmining.com website acts as a complement to my YouTube. It covers a larger variety of topics with greater detail, so it is suitable for enthusiasts wanting to do a deep-dive into a specific area or to really master the usage of a specific product etc.

With the help of a brilliant community of contributors and writers, boxmining.com has become the central hub for accurate discussion of digital assets, blockchain and the decentralized future.

Boxmining Twitter

Boxmining is my personal Twitter. Here I give the most up to date news and insights on how I am navigating this space and my thoughts on the latest trending topics.

BoxminingNews is run by our Editorial Team and is the official Twitter for Boxmining.com. Here you will be the first to know about the latest publications on the Boxmining ecosystem.

Boxmining Discord

Due to popular demand we have also opened a Discord where we talk about the latest projects, yield farms and anything cryptocurrency related (or not). We also have a very helpful “scam rug alert” channel where our members will post their latest findings so that we can all navigate this space safely.

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Boxmining Telegram

BoxminingFam: Our public discussion channel. Over the years we have developed a friendly and supportive community of digital asset enthusiasts. In this channel there is always someone on hand (myself included) discussing and sharing their insights on the latest trends and striving to help each other grow.

Boxmining Announcements: Our announcement channel. It is an all in one resource for any new developments and publications on the Boxmining media outlets.

Boxmining Podcast (Bitcoin out of the Box)

Our in-depth interviews and episodes of Crypto with Friends can be found in Podcast format, so you can increase your knowledge and keep up to date whilst on the go!

Bitcoin out of the Box Podcast