Imagine Mining Bitcoin By Cycling

Just like mining bitcoin automatically using Graphic Cards, now mining is made possible by cycling which encourages healthy lifestyle.

The Bicycle That Earns Cryptocurrency While You Ride It

Consider the following scenario: you’re riding along, piling up the kilometres, when…bam, you’ve just earned £20 in cryptocurrency using the power of your legs.

The world’s first cryptocurrency-earning e-bike 50cycles, a UK-based bicycle manufacturer, has built the world’s first cryptocurrency-earning e-bike. While it may sound like a concept straight out of Black Mirror, the concept is actually quite ingenious.

Toba, the bike, will be capable of generating LoyalCoin at a rate of around £20 per 1,000 miles travelled. You can either trade your Toba coins for Bitcoin, Zen, Litecoin, or Digibytes, or redeem them in any retailer that accepts cryptocurrencies once you’ve earned enough. A smartphone app will allow cyclists to keep track of the tokens generated.