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  • Our investment in holoride ($RIDE)

    holoride ($RIDE) aims to “add thrill to every ride” by turning your vehicle into a moving theme park. holoride does this by combining navigational and car data with XR. Passengers can have a unique experience as holoride includes real-time physical feedback from the vehicle that you are in, making the experience a hyper-intense extension of […]

  • How cryptocurrencies are used in war

    In the past, wars were fought through actual physical combat. With the development of military technology, this turned into wars fought over distances with long-range missiles and more dangerously in some cases, nuclear weapons. The tragic and senseless cost to human lives is something that is still very fresh in our minds, if not still […]

  • Chinese New Year Bitcoin ($BTC) Dump?

    Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year) has a strong influence on cryptocurrency prices, with Bitcoin prices falling as the new year approaches. We’ve been following this trend for a few years already and this article examines what we’ve noticed over the years and the possible reasons for why this happens. Chinese New Year is celebrated […]

  • Bitcoin Trick or Treat?

    Happy Halloween, I wonder what will we get from this goodie bag today. Is it better to trick or treat?Halloween may be a terrifying time of year for some, but it’s a far more exciting time of year for crypto investors. There are a few reasons why the crypto community wants to celebrate the end […]

  • Blockchain Expert Review

    Blockchain Council Reviewed: The Good, Bad & Good-To-Know (Meta Review) Yay or nay? Discover what the internet is saying about Blockchain Council. Upgraded Reviews scanned the web to find out what real users are saying about Blockchain Council. See the highlights below and decide for yourself! “This certification offers 6 hours of self-paced training with an online examination […]

  • Imagine Mining Bitcoin By Cycling

    Just like mining bitcoin automatically using Graphic Cards, now mining is made possible by cycling which encourages healthy lifestyle. The Bicycle That Earns Cryptocurrency While You Ride It Consider the following scenario: you’re riding along, piling up the kilometres, when…bam, you’ve just earned £20 in cryptocurrency using the power of your legs. The world’s first […]

  • Bitcoin Artwork

    Nothing like a barrage of blockchain news to make you wonder, “Um… what’s going on here?”That’s how I felt when I read about Grimes getting paid millions of dollars for NFTs, or Nyan Cat being sold as one.By the time we all figured out what was going on, Twitter’s founder had put an autographed tweet […]

  • Bitcoin is it still worth it in 2022?

    Now is an excellent opportunity to consider some of the greatest cryptos to invest in for the years 2022 and beyond. What is the explanation for this? There’s been a lot of good news for cryptocurrency enthusiasts recently (along with a few ugly moments here and there, of course). The cryptocurrency market value has surpassed […]

  • I’m Michael Gu, Creator of Boxmining

    I started Boxmining in 2017 mainly as a passion project, to educate people on digital assets and share my experiences. Being based in Asia, I also found a huge discrepancy between digital asset trends and knowledge gap in the West and China. So I leveraged my knowledge and positioning to bridge that information gap and […]